Tim D.

Tim is a designer and illustrator who loves koalas. 🐨🖋️


Case Studies

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Inspired by popular childhood milk candies in Asia, Milkids is a series of blind box figures that everyone can collect and trade. These sweet friends may be bite-sized but have big personalities that come alive when you scan them with your phone!

Packaging Identity 3D + AR


Log and share your dreams the moment you wake up. Never forget them again in this fun app where every new dream is a leaf on a magical growing vine.  

UI/UX Identity

Sound Map for a Changing Landscape

Drawn from the traditions of community based
knowledge and participatory mapping, make your mark on the ever changing tidewater region. Upload sound recordings, images, original art, and more on a live map. 

UI/UX Identity Design System

Take Care Koala

A series of koala projects from comics to plush. Amidst life’s challenges, take after the koala and remember to take care of yourself! 

Packaging Illustration Animation 


You’re out of food and must leave the Sanctuary and venture the outback! Play as one of six furry friends and travel across the board to forage for food! But be careful as foes are ready to pounce! First one back to the Sanctuary wins!  

Packaging Identity

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