Tim D.

Tim is a designer and illustrator who loves koalas. 🐨🖋️


Case Studies

DreamleafUI/UX Identity

Log and share your dreams the moment you wake up. Never forget them again in this fun app where every new dream is a leaf on a magical growing vine.

The Problem:

People rarely remember their dreams. Only 17%
of people remember their dreams every morning,
with 60% only remembering them occasionally.

The Solution:

Motivate users to write their dreams as soon as
they wake up daily in a fun, incentivizing way.

Three quick questions to help you recall your dreams

The timer to forgetting your dreams starts as soon you wake up.
Answering these short questions will help you retain the memory before it gets too late! 

1. Did you dream?
Yes leads to the rest of the logging, No bring you to the  home screen.

2.How was it?
Describe how you felt  by choosing from a selection of  adjectives.

3.Tell us more!
From here you can choose to either doodle, type, or record your voice to get all the remaining details in.

“I used to have a journal in middle/high school that I would 
write in as soon as I was awake. If I waited too long, even a mere 
few seconds of starting, I would forget everything besides the 
eerie feeling of having the dream. It was frustrating.”

A New Leaf

With every new dream logged,
a new leaf sprouts. Log daily and
watch your vine grow alongside you.

Revisit Anytime

Your dreams are kept safe on the vine.
Revisit them any time by tapping on them.

Tap on any of your recorded dreams to share
them with your friends. Repost and tell the world 
what nice or crazy dream you just had.

Surveys & Research
To design the best experience, I put out a survey online on what users would want in a dream logging app and what motivates them
to remember them. Here are a few responses to a some of the questions.

Do you ever find yourself wishing that you could remember your dreams more often?

What motivates you to remember your dreams?

What do you believe is the reason(s) for not remembering your dreams?

Have you ever used a journal or an app to record your dreams before?

94% of users wish the could remember their dreams

“I’m more likely to remember my dreams if they’re particularly bizarre, or if they include aspects of my childhood.”

“My roommate and I share our dreams almost every morning.“

“I want to track recurring themes to figure out what my mind is trying to process/how it relates to real life.”

Stories I can tell my friends To talk about it with people They’re wild af Actively rethinking them Introspection
If they had certain people in them Nostalgia

65% of users said they were to difficult to remember, and 44% said a lack of dream journal

64% of users have attempted to use a dream journal of some kind to record their dreams before
Before thinking of aesthetics with things such as colors and fonts, wireframes were made to layout the basic needs of the app. Wireframing helped me guide how I would want the user to flow through the app once they open it.


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