Tim D.

Tim is a designer and illustrator who loves koalas. 🐨🖋️


Case Studies

MilkidsPackaging Identity 3D + AR

Inspired by popular childhood milk candies in Asia, Milkids is a series of blind box figures that everyone can collect and trade. These sweet friends may be bite-sized but have big personalities that come alive when you scan them with your phone!


Blind boxes collectibles are toys that are a complete mystery that get revealed once you open them. Opening each box is a suspenseful, but exciting experience-especially when you get the figure you were hoping for. These collectibles have taken the world by storm, with people of all ages posting their unboxings on social media and showing off their collections.

How can we make blind box figurines a more
interactive experience?

Milkids enhances the experience further by making
the characters come to life through augmented reality
filters when users scan them with their phone.

Meet The Milkids
One Day, a wizard’s magic spell breathed life into a bag of forgotten milk candies. Bite sized but full of personality, the Milkids spread joy wherever they roam.

Axl’s joy is infectious. No matter what, he always finds something to be happy about.

Tilly means business. When first given sentience, he immediately started questioning everything.

Clumsy and silly, Ko may be made of milk, but his heart is full of gold.

Long eared but short tempered,
Rabbit will never back down.
Design Inspiration
Each Milkid takes inspiration from milk candies in their shapes and iconography from popular brands. Once they were sketched, they were each modeled in blender and 3D-printed in resin.

The Milkids Come To Life
Each Milkid figure comes with a collectable card. Scan the 
card with your phone to open up an AR filter and watch their personalities come to life!

Demo Video

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